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Est 2010

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Established in 2010, Sirikwa dairies and general PCL is among the leading farmer owned companies with over 6,000 members located in Uasin Gishu County and Kakamega counties. The key activities undertaken by Sirikwa Dairies include collection (or bulking) of milk from farmers, cooling and marketing of milk from farmers to fetch better prices to enhance income (The company bulks, chills and markets on average 12,000 kilograms of high quality milk products to the market). Further, Sirikwa dairy undertakes Capacity Building (extension services) to farmers to improve both farmer participation and productivity in dairy farming. The company’s registered main office is located in Ziwa town 45 Kms to the west of Eldoret town through University of Eldoret. With time the company has expanded and opened up branches in Kiplombe (Uasin gishu county) and Likuyani (Kakamega county). Sirikwa collects milk from Uasin gishu, Kakamega, Elgeyo marakwet and Transzoia counties. Through the years, the company has taken pride in the quality of their dairy products and services, and the way they do business. With over 20 partners who have strong interest and influence in the company operations, Sirikwa dairies is proud of the unique business hub model, based on solidarity, partnership and the pooling of resources. This model is a powerful tool for generating and sharing wealth among members. The company’s other major operations include provision of input services which include animal health coverage, breeding, supply of cattle feed, fodder development, clean milk production and extension services to producers. Our main goal is to improve the living standards and the overall human development conditions through improved incomes and access to high quality milk. This has guaranteed farmers sustainable livelihoods. History of Sirikwa Dairy Sirikwa Dairies Milk cooling plant factory was officially opened by Hon.Dr. Muhammed Kuti on 18th December 2012 , Minister for Livestock and Development.

Our Analysis

As a result of in-depth analysis of market opportunities for high-quality, chilled milk in Sirikwa (Uasin Gishu District) Kenya, the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) partner TechnoServe concluded that the proposed construction of a dairy chilling plant (CP) in Sirikwa is a commercially viable strategy. The core business of the proposed plant will be bulking and selling fresh, high-quality chilled milk. The primary product will be fresh, chilled milk sold to well-established milk processors, such as Brookside and New Kenya Co-operatives Creamery (NKCC). The cooling plant will meet Sirikwa Dairy farmers’ need for a reliable and organized milk marketing system that ensures sustainable income streams and spurs further development in the dairy sub-sector. The Company also offers small-scale dairy farmers of the Sirikwa Dairy Farmers Business Association (DFBA) the opportunity to become a competitive, profitable producer within the formal Kenyan dairy industry that generates around KSH 77 million in revenue per year. The cooling plant will be farmer owned (initially, a minimum of 10% farmer ownership) and provide smallholder farmers an opportunity to own equity and share in future profits in the form of dividends and bonuses. Independent farmers (neither shareholders in the chilling plant DFBA nor members of a dairy cooperative) in the area are also expected to sell milk to Sirikwa Dairies and receive additional bonus payments. A crucial aspect to the future growth and ultimate success of Sirikwa Dairies is that it operates as a hub of dairy-related, business services – seeds, fertilizers, feeds, artificial insemination (AI), veterinary services, and financial services (especially credit). This strategy will help build farmer loyalty and bring value-added services to dairy farmers, which will increase on-farm productivity and milk volumes. Although some of the five or more active cooperatives and self-help groups under Sirikwa Dairies umbrella operate an agro-vet services store and provides services on credit to farmers, there are no businesses in Sirikwa that unite all of these services into one efficient organization. The urge to establish Sirikwa Dairies was as a result of increasing poverty levels in the locality that made it difficult for majority of the farmers to raise enough funds to cater for basic needs such as food, education and health as well as practice productive and sustainable farming. Overall, farmers have pooled together to ensure attainment of high standards of living as envisioned in the Vision 2030. In addition, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) such as eradication of extreme hunger and poverty, improved education levels, improve children and mothers health, improved environmental conservation and partnering with others to promote development.. Sirikwa launched a major confidence building campaign in the area because the dairy industry in the area had deteriorated following the collapse of KCC in the late 90’s. Brokers, hawkers and other service providers entered the market providing poor services to farmers and underpaying them for their milk. However, Sirikwa is a high potential, estimated at about 30,000 litres per day milk producing area with a long history of dairy farming.

Sirikwa Dairies marketing profile

Sirikwa dairies markets high quality milk products,farm inputs and services that our customers and consumers love. When you purchase Sirikwa products and services, you are helping to build a better Kenya. You are choosing products and services that meet the highest quality standards and makes a difference in Uasin Gishu county and beyond.The prices offered at Sirikwa are also competitive and affordable.The enterprise also utilizes ICT systems to efficiently run its operations and manage a farmer check-off system for inputs sourced from Sirikwa's outlets. The company is proud of the unique business hub model, based on solidarity, partnership and the pooling of resources. This model is a powerful tool for generating and sharing wealth among members.

Why we chose Sirikwa

The name Sirikwa was chosen to unite all the people of the area that existed in what used to be Sirikwa County Council. It took more than one year to mobilize initial membership of 1800 with a share capital of KES 2 Million. Sirikwa Dairy changed its name to Sirikwa Dairies & General Public Ltd company (SDGL) in 2018 when it was converted into a public limited company. Sirikwa Dairies has over 3,000 shareholders.

Our Patners

Daima KE

Safaricom KE

Brookside Dairy


Heifer International


Agricultural Finance Corporation

Kenya Co-operative Creameries

KCB Bank


What our management has to say

Mr Philips


We are determined to make SIRIKWA a leading high quality dairy company that will improve the economic status of our farmers and welfare of our people in the country and beyond

Mr Christopher

General Manager

We want to make our operations as efficient as possible and customer friendly by adopting new technologies, continuous staff training and development, investing in customer loyalty/retention strategies with the ultimate aim of achieving: Hub sustainability, Farmer sustainability, Gender and Youth empowerment.

Mrs Naommy


At Sirikwa Dairies we are prompt to adopt a market-driven policy that incorporates clear recognition of market related forces including milk production seasonality, point of sale, price fluctuations and profit generation. The management will continuously assess market dynamics that will inform sound business decision-making