Welcome to Sirikwa Dairies & Gen PLC

We play a crucial aspect to the future growth and ultimate success of farmers. Our main goal is to improve the living standards and the overall human development conditions through improving incomes and access to high quality milk.

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Sirikwa Dairies is a farmer owned dairy company bulking, chilling and marketing high quality milk and also providing dairy related services.

The company’s registered main office is located in Ziwa town 45 Kms to the west of Eldoret town through University of Eldoret. With time the company has expanded and opened up branches in Kiplombe (Uasin gishu county) and Likuyani (Kakamega county). Sirikwa collects milk from Uasin gishu, Kakamega, Elgeyo marakwet and Transzoia counties.

Our Goal is to make SIRIKWA a leading high quality dairy company in Uasingishu county and its environs that will ultimately improve the living standards and welfare of our people.

Our Core Values

i. Quality assurance
ii. Integrity
iii. Transparency and accountability
iv. Team work
v. Customer satisfaction
vi. Professionalism
vii. Effective Leadership and Corporate Governance
viii. Diversity

Our Strategic Objectives

i. To increase milk volumes collected per day
ii. To increase all business operations to increase income stream
iii. To provide efficient and quality dairy related services to the community
iv. To improve on strategic governance
v. To improve management of resources
vi. To improve farmer satisfaction and loyalty
vii. To develop and enhance patnership and stakeholder management strategy

Our Motto

"Dairy products for health and wealth "

Our Mission

"To improve the welfare of our dairy farmers by bulking, chilling and marketing of high quality dairy products and providing dairy related services to our customers"

Our Vision

"To make SIRIKWA a leading high quality dairy company that will improve the economic status of farmers and welfare of our people."

We aim towards providing high quality products

Sirikwa Dairies primary customers will be large scale milk processors with established milk processing operations and distribution networks. The processors Brookside and NKCC currently purchase a small component of the available milk supply from Sirikwa (around 50%). Sirikwa Dairies is currently working to sign a memorandum of understanding with one of the processors for the purchase of the chilling plant’s milk.

We have various projects that promote our business activities

Apart from collecting milk and other services we offer, we also have upcoming projects and ongoing projects.
Such include:
1- Organising AGM functions
2- Setting up milk ATM machines
3- Offering financial services such as loans

Sirikwa Dairies & Gen PLC offers a variety of services

  • Extension services
  • Financial services
  • Transportation services
  • Hay harvesting
  • Marketing services

We as Sirikwa aim towards making our sevices top norch.

Sirikwa dairies markets high quality milk products that our customers and consumers love. When you purchase Sirikwa milk, you are helping to build a better Kenya. You are choosing a natural product that meets the highest quality standards, makes a difference in Soy community in Uasin Gishu and beyond. The company is proud of the unique business model, based on solidarity, partnership and the pooling of resources. This model is a powerful tool for generating and sharing wealth among members.

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